The Personal Credits or FICP Repayment Incident File.

Today, more and more people are registered in the Personal Credit Repayment Incident File or the FICP, which is nothing other than a file which lists people in debt and who have not been able to settle their credit. Which profiles are registered with the FICP? The FICP is a file managed by the Cream Bank, which lists the names […]

A renovation loan can be very useful

No matter how beautiful a home or apartment is, after a few years the living rooms need a renovation to maintain an acceptable standard of living. Renovation work that is carried out at predetermined intervals also serves to maintain the value of the residential property. Those who have the financial means to do this build up sufficient reserves in good […]

Loans without credit bureau reputable

More and more financial service providers offer a loan on the Internet without Credit Bureau or a so-called Swiss loan. Whether you are serious and what you should look out for, we will explain it to you in the following article. On this page we have provided you with the most important information so that you can recognize a serious […]