Bring environmental issues to the surface



KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Indiana (WPTA21) – On the lake, it’s common to see people swimming, boating, and fishing, but under the water in Lake Wawasee you’ll see Trevon Hollins exploring and doing his part to clean up the ecosystem.

It can be spotted by a marker that warns of a diver below, while it scavenges debris below the surface.

“Glass bottles, beer caps, all kinds of things. I mean, it can really become a danger to the lake, ”Hollins said.

People around the lake community follow his journey to keep Lake Wawasee clean. Seeking to generate interest in the preservation of lakes and the cleanliness of fresh water, he created a Facebook page, Hollins Aquatic Cleanup.

Hollins grew up around the lakes of Kosciusko County and noticed early on how human activity can negatively impact aquatic habitats.

“I love being in the water, and I slowly started to notice, like I was growing up, that fish don’t really have hands like we do,” Hollins said. “They just can’t clean them. lakes. themselves and there is fresh water everywhere, and it is becoming increasingly scarce for clean, fresh water. “

He got into scuba diving after visiting Greg Stone at Hart City Scuba in Elkhart. Hollins said he told her about his dreams and passions to help save the planet, helping fish and exploring underwater.

Now he has been scuba diving for two years and will never return. Hollins even got a job at Hart City Scuba with the boat seat manufacturing company, Williamsburg Marine.

When he’s not on time, he says, he tries to go diving three or four times a week to find trash and get it out of the lake.

“I’m doing something that most people don’t want to do, and I don’t know if it’s so much fun for me to be able to go out there, get the stuff out there,” Hollins said. “And like the fish. will look at me while I do it, “like what is he doing?” and I just grab it, wave my hand at them then swim away and they say “Thanks, man!” It’s so cute. I love. I love every piece.

One of the biggest surprises he found are massive boulders below the surface at least four feet high on the eastern shore of Lake Wawasee, he said.

“It’s really like unspoiled wilderness. It’s breathtaking. No pun intended, how pretty cool,” Hollins said.

Hollins plans to build on the momentum and work to get others to follow suit in cleaning the lakes.



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