Caligenix® Innovates in Real-Time to Display Postcode-Based ‘Environmental Health Index™’


Environmental Health Index by Caligenix

By aggregating multiple sources in one place, EHI democratizes data, empowering consumers to see data firsthand and make more informed decisions. — Dr. Andrew Battles, lead developer of the Environmental Health Index

Caligenix, a fast-growing genetic wellness brand, announces its new Environmental Health Index™ Tool which allows anyone in the United States to see their environmental and infectious factors in real time based on their individual zip code, as well as six personalized recommendations. Available free to the public, the Caligenix Environmental Health Index was created amid the pandemic to give people a quick and easy way to assess data about their external environment so they can make more informed decisions. on the proactive protection of their health.

“There is a constant dance between nature and nurture when it comes to the relationship between the external and internal environments,” said Eliad Josephson, Co-founder of Caligenix. “People need to have a clearer understanding of this relationship, especially during this pandemic, so they can decide what actions to take based on external factors in their area, such as weather, pollution, number of COVID cases and and so on. Our mission is to provide wellness solutions personalized to everyone’s lifestyle and genomic data, which is why we designed this tool to facilitate decisions based on real-time, location-specific data.

Instantly after entering a zip code, the Environmental Health Index tool displays the area’s environmental impact and risk of COVID infection, and also provides six personalized recommendations to protect the immune system. It pulls data from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index (AQI), which measures ground-level levels of five harmful pollutants: PM2.5, PM10, ozone, carbon monoxide and NO2, then uses a proprietary algorithm to provide additional information.

“As a company, we care deeply about empowering people to take control of their own health, and that starts with raising awareness,” said Dr. Tzur Gabi, Co-founder of Caligenix. “Anyone can benefit from using our Environmental Health Index, but especially those who are health conscious, environmentalists or people living in highly polluted cities or high COVID risk areas will appreciate this tool. information (and free!)”.

“By bringing multiple sources together in one place, EHI democratizes data, empowering consumers to see data first-hand and make more informed decisions,” said Dr. Andrew Battles, lead developer of the system. , we can leverage artificial intelligence to drive even better recommendations, further cementing Caligenix as the go-to data hub.”

The Environmental Health Index tool is launched on the heels of the inaugural product launch of the nutritional supplement by the biotechnology company, Immunotype™, a DNA-based supplement that addresses the human immune system at the genome level.

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