Covenant Health Hobbs Hospital Under Voluntary Review Due To Environmental Concerns


Water quality and potential unsealed entry points are the two issues that have been noted at the hospital.

HOBBS, NM — Covenant Health Hobbs Hospital will undergo a voluntary review after two environmental issues were identified by the hospital on Oct. 7.

The two issues are water quality and potential unsealed entry points. The hospital is undergoing this review in an effort to ensure continued safety and high quality care.

Regarding water quality, the hospital found low levels of chlorine in the water system during a routine inspection. The hospital is working closely with a water management company to identify the cause of these low levels. Adequate levels are important as they help eliminate bacteria and other contaminants.

Covenant Health Hobbs Hospital also began new construction on land that had not yet been developed, requiring animals to be relocated and find new shelter. The hospital received reports of rodents in and near the facility, which led the hospital to conduct a search for unsealed entry points.

The hospital has adopted a mitigation plan with external experts to help address these issues. They said they would continue to take steps that would lead to improved safety measures for its patients, caregivers and visitors.

We will continue to update this story as we receive more information.


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