Environmental issues and sustainable practices among the government’s main objectives


Environmental issues and the promotion of sustainable practices are among the main objectives of the government and of the European family at large, as predictions regarding the repercussions of global climate change and the need for immediate and effective action are recognized by all, Cypriot government spokesperson, Marios Pelekanos said on Friday.

Addressing an event organized by the environmental organization “Green Shield” in Nicosia, Pelekanos said that the government’s determination to take all necessary measures to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement in order to deal with the repercussions of climate change was confirmed during the recent successful organization of the 2nd International Conference on Climate Change in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, held in Paphos.

He noted that everyone recognized that our region is particularly vulnerable to the repercussions of climate change and that is why the initiative of the Cypriot President, Nicos Anastasiades, to put in place a regional action plan to deal with these repercussions. in all areas, including the environment, agriculture, tourism and others, which have a serious impact on the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, were considered particularly important.

Pelekanos noted that over the past two years, 13 groups have worked for this action plan with the participation of 240 scientists from the region and international organizations.

Regarding Cyprus, he said that measures are encouraged through the action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to put in place mechanisms for more resilient and competitive economies thanks to the sources of renewable energy, to encourage businesses and industries to adapt to sustainable and green technologies and create jobs in green policy sectors.

The spokesperson noted that more than 500 million euros, or 41% of the budget of the recovery and resilience plan of Cyprus, for the years 2021-2026 relates to investments and reforms that contribute to the green transition.

In addition, he said the government has adopted a national strategy to adapt to climate change so that Cyprus becomes more resilient, developing initiatives in the fields of agriculture, tourism, water resources, sea, biodiversity, forests, fisheries, health and energy. .

During the event, prizes were awarded to schools for their environmental activities. The President of the Chamber, Annita Demetriou, and the Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation, Kyriakos Kokkinos were also present, among others.

Addressing the event, Demetriou stressed the need for cooperation in order to implement all necessary measures for the environment.

She noted that it is recognized at both state and EU level that environmental protection is a fundamental human right and must be addressed as such, especially after the devastating fires in summer.


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