Environmental issues of the Chattahoochee River



If you have lived in the Atlanta metro area for a long time, you are probably familiar with the various activities related to the Chattahoochee River. The Chattahoochee River is a large river that flows from Georgia and flows through Alabama and Florida. The Atlanta area has a strong love for the river due to the various hiking trails that surround it.

The Chattahoochee River is a wonderful sight. However, due to the various hiking trails that surround it, many of us only see the beauty of this river. Many do not know how much the river suffers from various environmental problems and that the river combats all types of pollution. Many others do not realize that the root of this serious environmental threat lies in the constant construction and land use planning of our city.

Land construction and planning are eternal elements of city life. Everything must always be new. It is the result of the way we live in the moment.

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In Atlanta, there’s always a different type of project to do, and whether it’s renovations or new buildings, the city is always trying to grow. Sometimes this construction is not even necessary. Some highways roads need more support than newer buildings in the Atlanta metro area.

Construction is not the only problem hurting the river. There are also runoff issues.

After rain, some of the water is runoff on impermeable surfaces such as roads or parking lots. This runoff carries oil, tire dust and other pollutants into the river. Rainwater mixed with excess roads is the source of much of the pollution in the river.

Roads also contribute to the worst type of pollution for the Chattahoochee River, thermal pollution. Thermal pollution can be caused by other roads and paved surfaces that heat the rainwater that flows into the river. This causes the death of many organisms and fish in the river. These pollutants are dangerous and the Atlanta metro community needs to do something about it.

There are different ways to clean the Chattahoochee River, depending on VOX ATL. The most obvious way is not to dump litter in or around the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries.

It is never good to throw litter anywhere. The waste you throw away can go anywhere. Most of the garbage is practically zero gravity and the wind can blow the garbage in different parts of the world. These wastes can cause different types of pollution that can have adverse effects on the precious river ecosystem.

Another thing you could do is join or volunteer at a River cleaning group. These types of groups help clean up rivers around the world. Finally, plant some vegetation right next to the river if you live near a creek, stream, or river, as these plants can act as a barrier to pollution.

This is a great thing to do because we experience different types of pollution in the waterways all year round. These simple activities could help prevent more deaths of living things from the river. By doing our part to help clean up the river, we can prevent more pollution from happening in our favorite river.



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