Expert: Environmental factors impact Covid deaths by gender


Different variables such as a patient’s economic status, type of job, and nutrition can impact the death rate

A Harvard University study has suggested a potential link between gender and Covid death rates, with men dying at a higher rate than women, but experts say there are additional factors to take into account into account.

Professor Zvika Granot, an immunologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, spoke with i24NEWS Tuesday to give his opinion on the results.

“It seems that in most states men are actually dying from Covid more than women,” Granot said, adding that this trend has also been seen in Israel.

The professor explained how “if you go to the Department of Health dashboard and… play around with the graphs” you will find a similar result.

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However, he said the difference in the percentage of deaths broken down by sex didn’t amount to much and that the study had other factors.

“If you look at the ages of 49 to 60, then there was 17% versus 15% (difference for the number of male and female Covid deaths in Israel),” Granot said. i24NEWS.

“So men are actually dying more, but that’s not really a reason to worry because the difference isn’t that huge.”

The expert added that different variables such as a patient’s economic status, job type and nutrition could help to better understand the study results.

“It’s not just because they’re male – there are a lot of environmental issues that contribute to these differences,” he said.


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