Green cleaning products: environmental factors take center stage


Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by different factors, such as the product’s impact on their health and well-being, or the product’s ability to adapt to their time and financial constraints. Identifying influencing factors is crucial for manufacturers to develop their new products.

Green cleaning products

GlobalData’s Third Quarter 2018 Global Consumer Survey reveals that environmental issues have a large influence on consumers’ product choices for home care and laundry, more than in any other product sector. More than half of global consumers say they are always or often influenced by the ethical, ecological or socially responsible nature of products when choosing household cleaning and laundry products.

Global: consumers who are often or always influenced by the degree of ethics, environmental friendliness or social responsibility of products when choosing the following products, by sector, 2018

The observation of these figures, the exploration of a product formulation and a technology responding to environmental issues is an important opportunity for the development of products in this sector.

An example is “waterless cleaning”: a concept that refers to household products (including household cleaners, laundry products, and household appliances) that use significantly less water than alternatives or no water. water at all. Developing innovations that offer “dry” or waterless cleaning will open a new avenue of innovation opportunities for manufacturers.


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