Help Wanted: Lenoir County Public Health


Salary range: $46,454.78 – $64,038.42

Main objective of the position: The Environmental Health Program Specialist is an Advanced On-Site Water Protection Section (OWPS) Specialist. The OWPS Program Specialist works both inside and outside of the health department and spends the majority of their time on more complex tasks in the on-site sewage program and water well program private. An environmental health program specialist is a public health professional qualified by an education in the arts and sciences, specialized training, and acceptable field experience in environmental health to effectively plan, organize, manage, execute, and evaluate the many various elements that make up the field of environmental health. Practice in the field of environmental health includes, but is not limited to, inspection, education, enforcement, monitoring, organization, management and consultation for the prevention of risks to environmental health and the promotion and protection of public health in the following areas: food, housing and institutional sanitation, on-site wastewater treatment and disposal, community water supply, vector control and solid waste disposal .

The responsibilities of an environmental health program specialist also include: investigate foodborne illness outbreaks and communicable disease outbreaks; complaints and emergency response following any type of disaster or bioterrorism incident. The primary purpose of this position is to inspect Type IIIB, IV, V, and VI wastewater systems; work with the operators (ORC) of these systems; and ensure that all documentation (both from the Department of Health and the ORC) is properly maintained for these types of systems. The Program Specialist will be the main point of contact for the septic system manufacturer/installer regarding registration, education and information. The Program Specialist will be the primary point of contact for on-site wastewater contract labor from other counties. The Program Specialist will review all contractor permits and the amount of fieldwork required to comply with state law. The program specialist will ensure that the rules for private drinking water wells are followed and will resolve any issues that arise under this program. The program specialist may be called upon to deal with difficult situations where interpretation of the rules is necessary. The Program Specialist may assume minor day-to-day administrative responsibilities within the Section, such as assigning work, in the absence of the Environmental Health Supervisor.

Knowledge, skills and abilities: Considerable knowledge of environmental health laws, rules and procedures, as well as a comprehensive understanding of public health law concepts. Considerable knowledge of microbiology, biology, chemistry, food science, epidemiology, soil science, entomology and basic engineering technology applied to environmental health practices. General knowledge of the responsibilities of other agencies regarding environmental health and community resources. General knowledge of the interrelationship between socio-economic factors and environmental health concerns. Considerable knowledge of on-site wastewater treatment system design, protection of water supplies, food sanitation, foodborne illnesses, communicable diseases, vector control, solid waste and institutional sanitation. In-depth knowledge in the area of ​​specialization. Ability to analyze and understand a wide variety of technical and administrative regulations, records and reports. Ability to exercise good judgment and deal tactfully with a wide range of public contacts while applying public health laws and regulations. Ability to motivate and educate business and property owners and the consuming public on issues related to the protection and promotion of public health. Ability to present formal environmental health training programs. Ability to develop and express ideas and opinions concisely, fully and clearly in oral and written form. Ability to independently plan and schedule work activities and complete tasks. Ability to apply environmental health knowledge and techniques in the study of environmental health issues. Ability to coordinate work in a specialized program area. Ability to plan and implement education programs. Ability to work with others to solve the most complex environmental problems.

Minimum education and experience requirements: Two years of experience at the environmental health specialist level in a health service. Special Qualifications Needed: Registered as a Sanitarian by the NC State Board of Sanitarian Examiners.

Application process: County employees who wish to change jobs for this position should apply online through the Munis Applicant Tracking System. All external applicants should apply online at under Employment and job opportunities. Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be processed.




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