JICA promotes technology to solve environmental problems in Japan


05 February 2022 18:20 STI

Hokkaido [Japan]February 5 (ANI): Advanced smokeless incineration technology is used to treat industrial waste in Hokkaido, Japan.
“This facility features a durable incinerator to burn waste such as plastics and other hospital waste safely and easily. Additionally, it is an incinerator that achieves complete smokeless combustion. The first part of the facility is the container that takes the waste. The second part is the body of the incineration furnace. We pump air inside to reach around 800 degrees to achieve complete incineration,” said Hideaki Matsumoto. , Chuwa Industrial Co.,Ltd.
“In this part, we achieve smokeless operation by reaching a gas temperature of 800 degrees for two seconds. Then we filter the gases and release the air without any carbon dioxide or other harmful gases,” Matsumoto added.

“Our company has a history of more than 50 years. We are the manufacturers of smokeless incinerators. Our units are used by many hospitals in Japan, and we believed that many foreign countries have trouble disposing of their medical waste, so we started exporting to foreign markets. Later, we received support from JICA to supply Morocco with our incinerator,” said Kuniaki Imao, president of ChuwaIndustrial Co., ltd.
The Japan International Cooperation Agency or JICA works tirelessly to solve social problems in developing countries.
Environmental issues and decarbonization are an urgent priority. Chuwa Industrial Corporation conducts technology transfer of industrial waste incinerator technology. JICA firmly supports its overseas expansion.
About 360 units were supplied to Vietnam. Regular online meetings with local staff and hospital officials are held in Vietnam to evaluate projects and discuss future cooperation. (ANI)


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