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NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has released the Environmental Factors Review (REF) for the proposed Light to Light Walk upgrade and is seeking community feedback.

NPWS Director Kane Weeks said the document, including a biodiversity assessment report, monitoring scoping report and preliminary designs, will be on public display for a month from September 15 to October 15, 2021. .

“The project is moving forward and we are now at the point where we are seeking feedback on what the walk might look like for visitors,” Weeks said.

The REF explains how the project proposes to improve and realign sections of the current trail, build new sections of the walking trail, and provide huts and walk-in camping options.

It divides the work into three main projects: activity 1 which deals with hiking trails and the installation of orientation and interpretation panels, accommodation and facilities of activity 2 and access to vehicles and at the activity site 3.

Activity 1 involves the realignment of the existing Light to Light Walkway from Boyds Tower to Green Cape Light Station into a three-day Class 4 walking trail. Much of the realignment brings the runway closer to the coastal edge.

The proposed accommodation plan at Hegartys Bay.

It will include new realigned track sections, replacement of sections that may have been damaged by fires, and maintenance of existing sections.

The realignment includes Boyd’s Tower, Walkers Rock, Leatherjacket Bay, Mowarry Point, Sea Caves, Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee Bay south to Green Cape.

The track will mainly be a natural surface track between 1000mm and 1500mm wide.

Activity 2 covers new lodges and facilities at Mowarry Point, the formalization of the existing campground at Mowarry Point and new lodges and facilities at Hegartys Bay.

Mowarry Point accommodation will consist of six twin-bedded huts, three eight-person huts, a communal lodge, with basic kitchen and dining area, treated water and solar power, a amenity lodge including remote composting toilets and non-potable water, a staff hut, with kitchen amenities and equipment, solar power, workshop and battery store

A new boardwalk would be built from the existing 4×4 management trail to the amenity hut. Timber accommodation would be built to meet BAL-29 with small APZs. There would be a bushfire refuge located on the beach.

The proposal also includes the formalization of the existing campground at Mowarry Point which would include 10 tent sites and a double drain toilet. No water would be provided.

The new hut at Hegartys Bay would be the same as the one proposed for Mowarry Point, but the staff hut would be built to accommodate BAL-FZ and sized as a bushfire refuge. There would also be a storage module with a small workshop and a battery store.

A new boardwalk would be built from the Light to Light Walk to the maintenance amenity lodge.

Activity 3 includes the maintenance of the Hegartys Bay vehicle access trail, including the establishment of a small enclosure site capable of helicopter slinging operations.

Mr Weeks said there was no local precedent for this type of project.

“We are talking about creating an exciting new signature attraction on the far south coast that will provide a multi-day experience for visitors,” he said.

“In order to fully capture everyone’s comments, we ask them to submit their response through the official channels set out on the Light to Light website.

The REF will also be discussed at the first Light to Light Walk Stakeholder Reference Group meeting later this month.

At the end of the public exhibition period on October 15, 2021, all submissions will be reviewed and a report will be provided to the determining authority.

You can also send your written submission to the NPWS Regional Office Sapphire Coast, Corner Sapphire Coast Drive and Merimbula Drive, Merimbula NSW 2548 or by email


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