Manipur Polls: Environmental Issues in Most Party Manifestos


Elections to the assembly of 60 members will take place on February 28 and March 5 while the counting of votes will take place on March 10

IMPHAL: Environmental issues, including the conservation of Loktak Lake, featured in most party manifestos for Manipur’s elections, with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) promising protection and preservation of the state’s natural resources .

The BJP pledged “to formulate a comprehensive action plan/policy to safeguard endangered species and flora and fauna in the state.” He pledged to preserve, develop and maintain Loktak Lake “to ensure that it becomes an iconic wetland in Southeast Asia”. The BJP has promised to restructure the Loktak Development Authority (LDA) for the management of the lake and its associated wetlands as well as review the state water policy.

The BJP is also committed to conserving and promoting the heritage of Champu Khangpok Floating Village at Loktak Lake. In 2011, the LDA removed most of the floating fishing huts on the lake spread over three districts of Imphal West, Bishnupur and Thoubal over an area of ​​236 km2.

Congress has promised “to establish the State Forest Development Corporation and the Loktak Lake Research & Training Center” in addition to forming an energy policy if elected to office. In its manifesto published on February 4, the party promised an integrated development of the land and the inhabitants of the hills. It is committed to introducing sustainable forest certification.

The National People’s Party (NPP), an ally of the BJP, promised “to review the Loktak Protection Act 2006 and amend the legislation to make it more science-based and people-centered and bring it into line with the Convention of Ramsar (for the conservation and use of wetlands) and the National Wetlands Rules, 2017.”

The NPP also promised to review the overhaul and update the state’s climate change action plan based on changing needs. The Janata Dal (Uni) is committed to promoting the Geographical Indication status of local species. The Communist Party of India, a Congress ally, has pledged to protect and preserve forests in the face of climate change

Elections to the 60-member Manipur assembly will take place on February 28 and March 5, while the counting of votes will take place on March 10.

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