MPH Health Services Administration Online – Epidemiology and Environmental Health


Learn how to assess population health needs, formulate policies and interventions, and ensure the effectiveness of community programs and services in a fully remote program.

Boost your career with this flexible and convenient MPH degree

The online MPH in Health Services Administration is designed for working professionals to develop their careers. This multidisciplinary program trains you in basic skills in public health and health care administration without traveling to campus.

Graduates work as program managers or administrators for health systems or insurance companies, or develop and evaluate policies and interventions that serve different populations.

One of the biggest issues facing the US healthcare system today is how to control healthcare costs while improving population health and maintaining meaningful and effective patient-provider interactions.

In response to this demand, the School of Public Health and Health Professions offers a multidisciplinary program that combines innovative research with didactic training in fundamental public health concepts, policy formulation, health assessment community, program intervention and urban planning design, behavioral economics and financial incentives. , implementation and dissemination research, program management and evaluation, and other core health services skills.

As a Public Health Administrator, you will be involved in program planning, implementation, engagement, evaluation, collaborations and partnerships, policy development, and public and professional communication.

You will be ready to work in a variety of areas, including:

  • All branches and levels of government
  • Health care organizations, hospitals, health maintenance organizations and industrial medical care offices
  • Non-profit organizations such as the American Heart Association
  • Public Health Advocacy and Other Community Organizations

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