Nearly 6 in 10 Singaporeans more aware of environmental problems caused by the pandemic



Meanwhile, 57% believe in investing only in sustainable funds.

A Schroders survey found that 57% of Singaporeans see the importance of tackling environmental issues caused by the pandemic.

Respondents to the online survey include 23,950 people worldwide. Those who have invested at least $ 15,548 (€ 10,000) have been invited to participate.

56% of Singaporeans surveyed also see the importance of social issues.

57% also believe in investing only in sustainable funds, while 6% have a negative perception.

When asked why they were interested in sustainable funds, 56% pointed to a wider environmental impact, up from 51% the previous year. 32% agreed that their societal principles pushed them, up from 30% the previous year. The only drop, however, was in those who thought it would deliver higher returns, as only 44% responded positively compared to 56% the year before.

More than half of those polled in Singapore, however, want to see evidence of better returns, as 62% say data supporting sustainable investments is one of the deciding factors. 41% also believe that regular communication on the impact of their investments will encourage investors, while 40% believe in self-certification of the investment provider.



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