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Recognized: Neil Ramsay.

Liverpool Council Senior Environmental Health Officer Neil Ramsay has been recognized for excellence, dedication and professionalism in the environmental health profession with the Environmental Health Australia NSW Award of the Year as Environmental Health Professional environmental health of the year.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said that alongside City Council’s Environmental Health Team, Mr Ramsay had worked to protect the environment and helped improve quality of life and a sustainable future.

“Neil was nominated for his professionalism, seriousness and the wealth of his expertise that he puts forward every day as he works to protect, maintain and improve public and environmental health in our community”, a- she declared.

“Neil has been an environmental health professional for over 15 years and his commitment to protecting and promoting positive environmental and health outcomes for the general public is inspiring.

“He has been a valued board member for over seven years and has extensive knowledge and expertise in soil contamination, acoustics, air quality and other environmental issues.

“He has also provided comments on numerous proposals relating to state and local government policies, guidelines and legislation and has been instrumental in developing internal procedures and documents for the council, which has helped to clarify and streamline administrative processes.

“Neil is passionate about the profession and shares his enthusiasm for promoting and improving human health and environmental standards for the benefit of present and future generations.

“This fantastic recognition underlines the remarkable work done daily by the council’s environmental health team to address a wide range of complex environmental and human health issues while providing extremely professional service to the community.

The Champion met with Mr. Ramsay to discuss his award.

1. How did you feel about winning the Environmental Health Australia NSW Environmental Health Professional of the Year award?

I was delighted to receive the Environmental Health Australia NSW Environmental Health Professional of the Year award for 2021, as I have demonstrated a strong commitment to preserving the natural environment and human health through research and practice. continues. This award is the culmination of my determined efforts to continually develop my skills and knowledge in the discipline of environmental health. I am honored to share this recognition with the Liverpool City Council Environmental Health Team and the Planning and Compliance Branch, as the award would not have been possible without their continued support.

2. What is your role at the Liverpool Council?

Liverpool City Council plays an important role in maintaining and improving environmental health standards. As a Senior Environmental Health Officer, I am interested in environmental factors that influence human health. I assist the board in the investigation, monitoring and inspection of food companies, skin penetration premises, hairdressing salons, cooling water systems and pollution incidents. In addition, I provide technical advice regarding development applications and environmental health surveys.

As a member of the environmental health team, I have the opportunity to work closely with internal and external stakeholders. Participation in this team allowed me to acquire knowledge and broaden my capacities in the management of complex issues having an impact on human health and the environment.

3. What is the best part of your job?

I am fortunate to work in a multidisciplinary team that facilitates collaboration between highly qualified and knowledgeable staff members. We each bring different skills and knowledge to the team, which enables our well-balanced and adaptive workforce to achieve the best results for human health and the environment.

4. What things are you most proud of since you came to Liverpool?

Liverpool City Council has allowed me to be exposed to highly technical issues and large-scale projects that are usually not encountered in other workplaces. I have been in a privileged position to participate in the decision-making processes that have improved environmental health outcomes and contributed to the advancement of Liverpool. The Council gave me the opportunity to share my diverse knowledge, skills and experiences to help maintain and improve environmental health standards in the region. It is a rewarding experience to work as a team to shape our city and deliver a positive environmental legacy.

5. Have you always been concerned about the environment? When did it start?

I have always had a close connection with the outdoors and a fascination with the interrelationship between human health and the environment. My keen interest in the management of the natural and built environment is demonstrated by my university and TAFE studies comprising a bachelor’s degree in applied science (environmental health), a master’s degree in environmental sciences and a diploma in environmental monitoring and technology. These studies support my role as a senior environmental health officer and have maintained my interest in protecting human health and the natural environment.



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