Quiet Yards Greenwich warns of health and environmental concerns linked to gas-powered leaf blowers


A new group, Quiet Yards Greenwich, has formed in an effort to better balance the needs of landscapers with the concerns of homeowners regarding the impacts of gas-powered snowblowers on health, the environment and quality of life.

The group has created a survey that aims to educate residents about the impacts of gas-powered leaf blowers and whether they would be willing to limit their use.

Quiet Yards Greenwich’s Gas Leaf Blower Survey can be accessed here:

Information from Quiet Yards Greenwich:

Gas-powered leaf blowers exceed 100 db noise levels that pass through walls, windows and property lines. They cause irreversible hearing loss and are deemed dangerous by major health organizations. They disrupt residents’ ability to enjoy their own home.

Gas-powered leaf blowers emit more greenhouse gases in 30 minutes than a pickup truck traveling 3,900 miles and produce smog and ozone pollution.

In addition, they release toxic raw exhaust gases and blow carcinogenic particles into the air that linger
for hours and are inhaled by landscapers, children and residents.

In addition, gas-powered leaf blowers destroy the natural layer of leaf litter that protects and nourishes plants and wildlife, including hibernating pollinators.

Tips from Quiet Yards Greenwich

Have your gardener mulch the leaves by running a mower over them and leave them in place to fertilize your topsoil. Use excess mulched leaves to start a compost heap, mulch garden beds and shrubs, or rake them in the woods. If you must blow, ask your landscaper to switch to electric leaf blowers and limit them to hard landscapes.

Opt for an electric leaf blower, which is cleaner, quieter and offers an efficient alternative to a gas-powered leaf blower.

Quiet Yards Greenwich is asking residents to contact local elected officials and ask for restrictions on gas-powered leaf blowers.

States and cities across the country are switching from gas-powered snowblowers to electric for health and environmental reasons, including 23 towns in Westchester and more than 200 municipalities nationwide. The state of California has imposed restrictions on gas-powered snowblowers.

Quiet Yards Greenwich can be contacted at [email protected]


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