Saudi Arabia and UN sign 5-year environmental development cooperation framework


In view of the contributions and efforts made by Saudi Arabia to preserve the marine environment at the national, regional and global levels, a five-year development agreement has been signed between Saudi Arabia and the United Nations to preserve the planet. .

The signing of the agreement took place during the Riyadh Blue Talk, an event organized by the UNRC office and the embassies of Portugal and Kenya to raise awareness of the oceans ahead of the 2022 United Nations Ocean Conference. to be held in Lisbon next month.

Government institutions, academics, the private sector and regional and international organizations participate in the event.

Riyadh Blue Talk roundtables focused on the management, protection, preservation and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems, increasing scientific knowledge, developing research capacity and transferring marine technologies.

“(The) health of the ocean is vital for all of us. Just consider the fact that over 50% of the planet’s oxygen is produced in the ocean. That’s why my daily mantra is: “No healthy planet without a healthy ocean. And the health of the ocean is measurably declining,” said Peter Thomson, the UN secretary-general’s special envoy for the ocean.

“We can stop the decline in ocean health by 2022 and we got off to a good start with the consensus agreement at the UNEA (United Nations Environment Assembly) in Nairobi in February to start work on a treaty globally binding to end plastic pollution,” he added.

“We must build on this positive momentum by ending harmful fisheries subsidies at the WTO Ministerial in Geneva, adopting the 30 by 30 target at the biodiversity COP in Kunming , and when we gather in Sharm el-Sheikh in November for COP27, moving the climate finance needle decisively in the direction of the sustainable blue economy,” said Thomson.

“The flagship opportunity for 2022 will be the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, in support of the implementation of SDG14. There, we will launch a large fleet of science-based solutions, heavily fueled by innovation and partnerships,” he added.


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