Transit Summit to bring equity, economic and environmental issues to the fore



The importance of transport – how it relates to a strong economy and can be improved to tackle racial inequalities – will be among the topics organizers plan to discuss at the North-East Multimodal Transit Summit on tap for Monday.

The theme of this year’s event is “Moving Forward: Greener, Safer and Together”.

This year’s summit will be particularly timely in light of Governor Ned Lamont’s announcement this week that he will not seek legislative approval for the Transport and Climate Initiative – a cap and d ‘trade that would require fuel sellers to buy allowances for pollution resulting from vehicle exhaust.

“Between now and Monday we’ll see what the situation is and how to move forward,” said Thomas Regan-Lefebvre, Transport Hartford Academy coordinator at the Center for Latino Progress, regarding TCI, of which he is a promoter.

Among the topics that will be discussed at the virtual summit, there will be how to tackle racial inequalities in transport and pollution. A panel is scheduled to discuss pollution levels in the Northeast region, which tend to affect those less responsible, organizers said.

The event will include perspectives from diverse backgrounds such as field organizers to state and national level legislators.

Keynote speakers are Seleta Reynolds, executive director of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and Nuria Fernandez, administrator of the Federal Transit Administration.

“She (Reynolds) worked to transform the city to be more pedestrian and cyclist friendly,” said Regan-Lefebvre.

A panel will discuss how to involve diverse communities in the work being done through the White House Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes plans to rebuild roads, bridges and roads. country’s rail systems.

Other topics of discussion include transport in rural areas, police and law enforcement for safer streets, and access to transport for people with reduced mobility.

Regan-Lefebvre said multimodal and public transit are important in terms of job creation and bringing communities together.

“That’s why we want lawmakers out there,” Regan-Lefebvre said. “We want them to hear.”

Visit here for a complete list of panels and speakers and to register. The cost to register for the event ranges from free – for students and low-income people – to $ 45. The program runs from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 22.

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