Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays pledge to pay outstanding refunds by end of October


How to try to get reimbursed by Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays

Unlike some companies who have been reluctant to pay refunds instead of vouchers, Virgin insists they will refund you in cash if you ask – you may have to wait a long time.

Anyway, here’s what to try if your trip is canceled (see our Coronavirus travel rights guide for full help):

1) Weigh first if you really want a cash refund. With many travel companies struggling, we always say it’s worth considering whether you’re in a position to show tolerance. If you choose to accept a voucher or credit rather than require a refund, you won’t have to do anything to claim it – these are automatically sent to people whose trips have been canceled.

2) If you want a refund, requesting online may be (slightly) faster than calling. If you would like a cash refund, you will need to contact us to request one.

With Virgin vacations, the easiest way is online, using the refund request links in the email you should have received advising you of the cancellation and the ‘Manage my reservation’ portal. You can also call customer service, but if you request a refund online, the “counter” for getting the money starts as soon as you submit the request. If you call, it starts when the advisor you’re talking to confirms your request, so it might be a little less effective.

With Virgin atlanticyou will need to use the SMS service on +44 (0) 7481 339184. Here the clock will start after an advisor confirms the refund request. You will then receive a refund request number, which Virgin says could take seven to 10 days.

3) Can’t wait for your cash back? You can try to complain to Virgin. Many customers who have reached out to us are worried about when they will receive their refunds – some saying they just can’t wait to be paid in the cash they need so badly.

You can try to file a complaint by contacting Virgin vacations Where Virgin atlantic. Explain what happened and what Virgin told you, and demand that your refund be paid. Technically, you should be reimbursed within 14 days if your package travel is canceled, or within seven days for a flight canceled under EU law – although Virgin is of course far from alone. struggle to do so for the time being.

4) Still no refund? You can also try chargeback or section 75. If you are still struggling to get your refund right away and have paid for your flight or vacation with a debit or credit card, you can also try using the chargeback system. This is where your bank tries to collect money from the company’s bank, but remember that this is a promise of customer service rather than a legal obligation.

There is no guarantee of success, especially since Virgin promises to reimburse eventually, but we have heard of some of them that have been successful in getting reimbursements this way. For example, Penny told us on Twitter that she had waited unsuccessfully for a refund for a month after Virgin Holidays canceled her Florida package trip in May, but: “I requested a chargeback from my bank and the money came back to my account in less than an hour.”

If you paid for a flight or holiday over £ 100 with a credit card, you can also get additional legal protection through Article 75, which makes your card company also responsible if something goes wrong.


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